Comma Full Stop


You should see my arms this morning. Quite the picture – scratches, blisters, a nice little rash. I was out in the garden yesterday and decided to tackle the beds, which have been sorely neglected this past month. With just my T-shirt and gardening gloves protecting my hands and arms, I had a fight with some nettles and a rose bush or two, and lost.

It was well worth it however, as I got a glimpse of this little thing. There were a pair of them. This is the female Comma, according to my trusty Butterfly ID guide. I have never seen a Comma before, and think it has now become one of my favourites. The colour is so vivid, along with the rather lovely lacy edge….

The beds on one side of the garden are looking in much better shape… now to tackle the other side. Where’s my suit of armour?


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