Take care of your todays…


I am a great believer in Today. Today is where it all happens. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Tomorrow’s successes and failures, sorrows and laughter have their roots in this time, this place. Now.

I’m going to take a big liberty here and rehash an idea I read somewhere without remembering the source. If I do remember I will add it in here I promise, but for the time being,  just take it as read that this idea is not my own, but that of someone infinitely wiser than me!

It goes something like this. It is all the little tiny successes and the little tiny failures we make today that contribute to our big successes and failures tomorrow. Just as a train can’t suddenly make a right angle, but slowly changes direction by degrees, so too we veer gradually to and away from our goals.

For example, you want to lose 10 pounds. You will not lose 10 pounds overnight (well, you might and in which case, email me I want to hear about it). But chances are you will lose weight by degrees, depending on what you do today, not tomorrow. Today you will choose either to move towards that target: eat less, move more – or away from that target: eat more, move less.

You want to write a book. Today you will either write words or you won’t write words.

In a nutshell, if you take care of all your todays, your tomorrows will take care of themselves…

Love and happy days,

D. x.

PS:  I do my best thinking in my wellies.

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