Summer Bucket (and Spade?) List….



The first day of the summer holidays… and thoughts drift to all those things I want to do before the days start to dwindle into autumn. So voilà – my list. Would love to hear your own:

Get up early  and record the Dawn Chorus.

Press flowers

Make a (beautiful) cake

Try out a new main, starter and dessert recipe

Make ice lollies

Lie on a rug under a tree in the shade and read

Swim every day

Take my camera everywhere and take lots of photos

See a play in the West End

Go to the beach

Learn how to use Garage and help t record a song

Spread a blanket out in the paddock and have a picnic with S

Make a campfire and toast marshmallows

Have lots of friends over

Release our butterflies

Try my hand at paper marbelling

Have a go at making lino cut prints

Convert my old Hi 8 videos from 2000 to 2005  to DVD (that will be a trip down memory lane)

Pick a couple of science projects to do with t.

Get out of town for a week.


that will keep me going for a while….


D. x.


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